What is the formula for the cost of fencing

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Find the cost of fencing a rectangular park of length 350 m and breadth 250 at Pound. 18.50 per meter.


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Hint: The formula for a rectangle’s perimeter will be used to help you answer this question. Perimeter = 2 (l + b), where l is the rectangle’s length and b is its breadth, is the formula for calculating a rectangle’s perimeter.

Complete the solution in the steps:

As a result,

the length of the rectangle = 350 m.

Breadth of rectangle = 250 m.

A rectangle’s perimeter is established by

⇒ P = 2 ( length + breadth ).

The fencing will extend around the whole perimeter of the rectangular park.


⇒ Perimeter = 2 ( 350 m + 250 m ).

⇒ Perimeter = 2 ( 600 m ).

⇒ Perimeter = 1200 m.

So, the total fencing = 1200 m.


Given that the fencing cost is pounds. 18.50 per meter.

The total cost of fencing the rectangular park must be ascertained.


⇒ Total fence expense equals fencing expense per meter  


× total fencing.

⇒ Total cost of fencing = 18.50 


× 1200.

⇒ Total cost of fencing = Pound. 22,200.

Hence, the cost of fencing the rectangular park is Pound. 22,200.

Note: We must remember the given geometry’s perimeter formula whenever we ask this question. First, we have to find out the dimensions of the given geometry (shape), and then we will find out the perimeter of that shape by using the formula. After that, we will get the required answer by multiplying the total perimeter by the cost per meter.

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How do you calculate the fencing cost?

Calculating the cost of fencing involves considering several key factors. These include the choice of material, the total length of the fence, and any additional features like gates. Accurate perimeter measurement is essential, allowing for precise calculations based on the selected material, be it wood, chain-link, or vinyl. Each material comes with its specific price range, and additional elements such as gates and professional installation contribute to the overall expense. Conducting thorough research and understanding your specific requirements is vital in accurately estimating the total cost of your fencing project.


What is the formula for the area of the fence?


Calculating the area of a fence involves understanding the shape of the enclosure. For rectangular or square fences, the length is multiplied by the height. Circular fences, on the other hand, require the formula πr², where ‘r’ represents the radius. Accuracy in measurements and applying the correct formula based on the fence’s shape is essential for precise area calculations.


What is the formula for fencing a rectangle?

Calculating the fencing needed for a rectangle involves adding up all four sides of the shape. In a rectangle, opposite sides are of equal length, so the formula simplifies to perimeter = 2 × (length + width). By accurately measuring the length and width, you can efficiently calculate the required fencing material to enclose the rectangular area.

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