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17 October 2023by timberlandry.com0

Temporary fencing is pivotal in construction, building, and infrastructure sites, offering privacy and security. However, ‘temporary fencing’ encompasses distinct categories that professionals should know. Understanding the three primary types of temporary fencing is vital in selecting the right fit for your needs. Here’s a breakdown of these essential quick fencing varieties often required on construction and infrastructure sites:

  • Temporary Fencing Panels: 
    • These tall wire mesh fence panels are interlocked and clamped together, typically forming a perimeter around a site. They are versatile and ideal for long runs of fencing, cordoning off specific areas, and securing pits or construction zones. Available in medium and heavy-duty versions, these free-standing welded wire mesh panels offer quick and straightforward installation using concrete or ‘pulley-block’ fence feet.
  • Crowd Control Barriers: 
  • For situations where large 1.8m high panels are excessive, crowd control barriers step in as a practical solution. Constructed from galvanized steel tubing panels that easily lock together with a double-pin mechanism, they feature low-profile galvanized feet. Lightweight and effortless to set up and move, crowd control barriers are perfect for managing pedestrian areas, creating safe walkways, and fencing off smaller hazards or equipment.
  • Edge Protection Fencing: 
  • As exemplified by Fortress Fencing’s XT Panels, Edge protection fencing is a robust steel fencing with a bottom kick plate and rolled-edge top and bottom. This design prevents tools or small items from rolling beneath the fence, ensuring worker safety, especially on multi-story construction projects. Compliant with AS/NZS 4576 ‘Guidelines for Scaffolding,’ this fencing attaches to concrete decks and drop-offs during construction, forming a protective barrier around voids, edges, and other restricted areas. It’s a sturdy temporary fencing solution well-suited for excavation sites, scaffolding edge 
  • protection, and hazard warnings.

Each type of temporary fencing serves distinct purposes in construction and infrastructure projects, ensuring safety, security, and efficient site management.


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