What material is PVC fence

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A vinyl fence is a plastic fencing option crafted from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This material is mixed with specific additives to provide vinyl fences with remarkable impact resistance, durability, and resistance to various weather conditions.

Vinyl serves as a low-maintenance substitute for other fencing materials. Unlike wood, which can warp, rot, split, blister, or aluminium, which may rust, chip, peel, or corrode, vinyl remains unaffected by these issues. There’s no need for sanding, staining, or painting with vinyl fencing, and surface dirt and debris can be effortlessly removed by spraying it with a garden hose occasionally.

A plastic fence is a secure option for families and pet owners. In contrast to wood fences, which are frequently treated with chemicals for weather resistance, vinyl is non-toxic. It doesn’t splinter and lacks nails or sharp edges that could harm children or animals. Furthermore, plastic represents an eco-friendly fencing material as it is entirely recyclable, presenting an environmentally conscious alternative to the decreasing availability of trees used in wood fencing.

When selecting a brand for vinyl fencing, Bufftech® stands out as an exceptional choice. CertainTeed, a prominent supplier of vinyl building materials in North America, produces buff tech fences. CertainTeed’s vinyl products consistently receive commendations for their quality and performance, earning the trust of both homeowners and construction experts. What sets Bufftech apart is its commitment to customer assurance. Every Bufftech vinyl fence style is supported by CertainTeed’s lifetime limited transferable warranty, accompanied by SureStart™ protection. This coverage includes warranted repair and replacement expenses, including labour costs, for five years following installation, reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Bufftech vinyl fencing is renowned for its exceptional durability. It boasts strength that surpasses wood fencing by up to five times and exhibits four times greater flexibility. This robustness enables it to withstand impacts from lawnmowers and tree limbs easily. The steel-reinforced bottom rail further enhances the fence’s structural integrity, ensuring it remains sturdy and resistant to sagging or bowing over time.

Bufftech is the vinyl fence manufacturer with the most extensive style, colour, and texture choices. Our CertaGrain® and Select Cedar textures authentically replicate the appearance of natural wood fencing while eliminating the need for constant maintenance. For those seeking a distinctive twist on traditional stucco walls, Bufftech offers the CertaStucco™ fence. Our vinyl fence collection encompasses a range of options, including nine solid and four blended colours. Our darker shades feature the exclusive ColorLast™ formulation, safeguarding the fence against fading and discolouration when exposed to sunlight. Bufftech’s vinyl fence line includes popular styles such as privacy, semi-private, picket, and post & rail, ensuring a design to suit every preference and need.

Is PVC rubber or plastic?

Certainly! PVC is a plastic material, not rubber. Due to its durability and versatility, it finds extensive use in construction, piping, and vinyl fencing.

How is PVC fencing made?

PVC fencing is produced by mixing PVC resin with additives to enhance its properties, forming this blend into fence components like posts, rails, and panels, and then assembling them to create the final product. This manufacturing process yields a durable and low-maintenance PVC fence known for its versatility and resilience.

Is PVC fencing long-lasting?

Certainly! PVC fencing is exceptionally long-lasting. Its resistance to weather, rot, and pests ensures it maintains its structural integrity and appearance for many years with minimal maintenance, making it a durable and practical fencing option.

What is fencing material?

Certainly! Fencing material encompasses the diverse substances and components employed in constructing fences. These materials range from wood and metal to vinyl and composite options, with the selection based on factors like durability, appearance, and the specific purpose of the fence.

How is PVC material made?

Certainly! PVC material is created through a chemical process of polymerising vinyl chloride monomers. This compound is then mixed with additives to enhance its properties. Afterwards, the material is heated and shaped into various products, including popular applications like vinyl fences, sheets, and pipes.

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