How high can a garden wall be?

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In the United Kingdom, regulations govern the maximum height of garden walls or fences without planning permission. The limit for back gardens is 2 metres, regardless of whether the wall serves as a boundary. However, there are exceptions; retaining walls are allowed to exceed this height. On the front side of a house, the maximum permissible size is 1.2 metres.


Importance of Compliance


When purchasing a property, it’s crucial to ensure that garden walls adhere to these height regulations. Occasionally, issues regarding walls or fences exceeding 2 metres arise during property surveys, prompting the need for planning permission. In such cases, solicitors conduct further checks to determine if there’s existing permission for the wall. Please note that permission might be assigned to the neighbouring property. If the wall lacks proper planning permission and isn’t exempt, solicitors might request the vendor apply for retention permission.


Resolving Non-Compliance


If the vendor refuses to seek permission, or if urgency surrounds the sale, a solution could be found by reaching an agreement with the neighbour (in cases of shared boundary walls). This solution might involve removing a few blocks to reduce the height to the permissible 2 metres or below. Although planning issues can be concerning, exceeding wall heights is generally one of the least severe problems and is more straightforward to rectify. Despite its seemingly minor nature, it’s crucial to treat this as a severe planning issue and follow the advice of your solicitor.


Choosing a Reliable Surveyor


When dealing with property surveys and potential planning issues, working with experienced professionals is imperative. At, all surveyors are highly qualified, with a minimum of 10 years of experience. They are knowledgeable and carry their insurance, ensuring clients are safe. Whether you need a survey or snag list, book with GetHouseSurvey. Guarantees the expertise required to navigate through these nuances effectively.


How to Proceed


If you’re in the process of purchasing a property or have concerns about existing structures, it’s essential to address these issues promptly. To book a comprehensive survey or snag list, visit and click “Get Survey Now”. If you have any inquiries or need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Your property is essential, and ensuring the rules can help you enjoy secure and smooth ownership.

What is the highest garden wall that can be built?

In Ireland, garden walls can be at most a height of 2 metres without requiring planning permission. This regulation applies to both back gardens and boundary walls, ensuring a uniform standard for residential properties. However, there are exceptions for retaining walls, which can exceed this height limit. Additionally, 1.2 meters is the maximum allowed height for a house’s front. Property owners need to abide by these height rules to prevent legal entanglements and substantial delays associated with getting planning authorisation. For a simple and trouble-free experience holding properties in Ireland, it is essential to comprehend and adhere to these rules.


How tall are garden walls?
As per building regulations, garden walls in Ireland have a maximum height limit of 2 metres. This rule applies uniformly to back gardens and boundary walls, ensuring a consistent standard across residential properties. Some exemptions, such as retaining walls, can exceed this height restriction. Additionally, the permissible height is limited to 1.2 metres for the front of a house. Property owners must know these regulations to prevent legal complications and potential planning permission issues. Complying with these guidelines ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience for homeowners in Ireland.

What is the legal height for a wall?
The legal height for a wall is governed by building regulations, with specific limits in different jurisdictions. In places like Ireland, garden walls typically have a maximum height of 2 metres without requiring planning permission. This regulation maintains a consistent visual appeal in residential areas. However, some exceptions, like retaining walls, might surpass this limit. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is essential for property owners to prevent legal issues and maintain the overall harmony of the neighbourhood.

How high can I build my back garden wall?

In many jurisdictions, you can build your back garden wall up to a maximum height of 2 metres without planning permission. However, checking local building regulations is essential as rules can vary. Adhering to these guidelines ensures your property enhancements stay within legal limits, preventing potential issues and ensuring your garden remains a pleasant and compliant space.


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