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At All Around Fence, we take pride in utilizing high-quality, durable fencing materials that stand the test of time. Our array of fence styles caters to various preferences and practical needs. From classic designs to innovative concepts, we offer a wide selection to suit every client’s taste.


Standard Estate Style:

The Standard Estate Fence strikes a balance between affordability and elegance. Featuring visible framing on the interior side and a smooth exterior, it provides a cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing solution.


Full Panel Style:

Also known as the “Good Neighbour Fence,” the Full Panel Style ensures visual consistency on both sides. Its top trim offers a polished finish, while the bottom frame and trim sit a few inches above the ground, enhancing durability and aesthetics.


Picture Frame Style:

The Picture Frame Fence combines top and bottom trim for a sophisticated appearance. The lower frame and trim running along the ground create a distinctive “picture frame” effect, adding visual appeal on both sides.


Lattice Top Style:

Introducing a decorative touch, the Lattice Top Fence features latticework along the upper section. Clients can choose between diagonal or horizontal lattice designs, providing a personalized decorative finish.


Kirkland Style:

The Kirkland Fence offers structural reinforcement coupled with a minimalist design. Its simplicity adds an understated charm to any property, making it a popular choice for clients seeking both stability and style.


Horizontal Style:

Embracing a contemporary approach, the Horizontal Style fence offers versatility. Clients can opt for either a closed design for enhanced privacy or spaced boards for a lighter, open feel. This style lends an illusion of spaciousness, making it ideal for level terrains.


Shadow Board Style:

The Shadow Board fence employs alternating vertical boards on each side, ensuring uniform appearance and even weight distribution. This style allows visibility through the fence, dissuading climbing or digging attempts.


Rambler Style:

Simplicity meets elegance with the Rambler Style. From the outside, only the vertical boards are visible, creating a seamless, unbroken line of fencing. The posts, intentionally positioned below the vertical boards, remain concealed, enhancing the fence’s streamlined appearance.


Picket Style:

Rooted in tradition, the Picket Fence serves as a classic choice, adding charm and boundary definition to any property. While it offers minimal privacy due to its low height, its diverse styles, including Pointed Top, Scalloped, Flat-Top, and “Picture Frame,” cater to various aesthetic preferences.


At All Around Fence, we prioritize not just quality but also customization, ensuring our clients find the perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal. If you’re envisioning a fence that reflects your unique style, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today, and let’s create the ideal fence for your property.


What is a double-sided fence?

A double-sided fence, often referred to as a “good neighbneighbour,” is a unique fencing style that prioritizes visual consistency on both sides. Unlike traditional fences with distinct front and back, double-sided fences are meticulously crafted to offer equal aesthetics to neighbours on both sides of the property line. This design not only ensures privacy but also enhances the overall appeal of both properties. Whether constructed from wood, vinyl, or metal, double-sided fences provide a harmonious and balanced appearance from every angle. This choice strikes a perfect balance between functionality and visual charm, elevating the ambience of any outdoor space.

Does the vinyl fence look the same on both sides?

Vinyl fences are renowned for their seamless aesthetics, and yes, they look identical on both sides. Unlike some traditional fences, vinyl fences are designed with a consistent appearance, ensuring a polished and uniform look from every angle. This uniformity not only maintains privacy but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the property. Homeowners often appreciate vinyl fencing for its ability to provide a cohesive and stylish boundary without any distinction between the inner and outer sides. This feature makes vinyl fencing a popular choice for those seeking a sleek and uniform fencing solution.


What are the two types of fences?


Which fence style is Fences come in a diverse array of styles, but they generally fall into two primary categories: decorative and functional. Decorative fences prioritize aesthetics, enhancing the visual appeal of a property while delineating boundaries. These fences, often ornamental or picket-style, serve as charming additions to gardens and yards. On the other hand, functional fences are designed with specific purposes in mind, such as security, privacy, or keeping pets contained. Chain-link, vinyl, or wooden privacy fences are excellent examples of functional fencing options. Understanding these two broad types helps homeowners choose the right fence based on their unique needs, balancing both form and function seamlessly. Best?


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